Hello Kitty With Fangs

Hi there.

I’m actor-producer Tanya Gorlow and I love to find beauty in all aspects of humanity.

Most characters I’m cast as tend to be dark, but my favorite part of taking on a darker role is the opportunity to find the good and vulnerable in that particular person…or creature. I’ve played vampires, assassins, distressed single mothers, and astral projections and each experience has been more fun and rewarding than the last.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to train with Lura Dolas at UC-Berkeley, where I also enjoyed some of the best food on the planet from all over the planet; as well as with Jeffery Brooks at the Inner Circle Theatre in Los Angeles. Both wonderful teachers have helped me shape my craft as an actor and discover my unique ability to turn audience expectations on their head.

I’ve also started producing in the last few years to give myself an outlet to continue to grow as an actor and as an excuse to offload the fruits of my not so secret cooking addiction. Nobody is more appreciative of a lovingly prepared meal than a hungry crew…nobody.

You can see me play characters both dark and light in my continuing productions on stage and screen, and I’m always excited to meet new collaborators. Feel free to contact my team to inquire as to my availability.