Love for Whispering Bones

“Conceived by actor/producer Kelvin Keragan, who hosted the eerie festivities as Dr. Betterov-Underhill, these ghost stories were consistently intriguing. Tanya Gorlow’s rendition of “The Tell Tale Heart” was particularly gripping, performed in a sold-out cabaret space just off the lobby.” – Patrick White, Nippertown

Fefu and Her Friends 2019 – The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

All photos credit The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

Los Angeles Times – Best of 2019 – the Odyssey’s ‘Fefu’ was included with national productions, including 2019 multiple (8) Tony winner ‘Hadestown’ at Broadway’s Walter Kerr Theatre

Los Angeles Times review – “…moving work from…Gorlow’s level-headed Cindy…contributes to the depth of feeling.”

New York Times Mention – “‘Fefu’ remains a campus favorite and regional productions turn up, like a well-received production this past summer at Los Angeles’s Odyssey Theater, but they’re rare.”

Rehearsal – Cindy with Christina in the study
Cindy and Fefu discussing Julia
Fefu’s parties are the best parties
Rehearsal – Cindy and Fefu tango (Fefu’s leading, if you’re wondering)

Macbeth 2019 – Method and Madness

All photos credit Method and Madness

Bloody Sergeant thinks he has a chance
Bloody Sergeant earning his name
Bloody Sergeant waxes poetic for 2 hours before succumbing to his wounds
Murderers being murdery
Lady Macduff slightly perturbed by the death of Young Macduff
Siward ready to get this over with and kill the tyrant

Acting: No Better Prep For Life

When I dropped Physics as my major at UC Berkeley, I had to call and tell my dad.  My father actually worked in the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in the Physics Department when I was a toddler and it was a hard call for me to make; not only was I telling him that I was dropping Physics, I was admitting that I was going to major in Theatre instead.

His response was: “Well, sweetie, there’s no better preparation for life.”  And that is why my dad is awesome.

UCB Play

He flew from Miami to see my first play at Berkeley…and brought his posse. All of these gentlemen have known me since I was in diapers. And yes, I have braces.

Bolt Motorcyle Review

My friend, Chris, had me test ride and review a motorcycle for his blog: ManJr. I could say a lot about the experience, but here it is in a nutshell: it was awesome, I learned a lot about myself (totally not kidding), and I want to do it again. Seriously. If you have a scooter rusting in your backyard and you want me to come over, ride it, and review it, I’m your girl.

bolt-Star-Motorcycles-tanya…and I will do it wearing this amazing jacket.

Dallas Travers and the Triving Artist Circle

Guess what I did this week!  I got to meet Dallas Travers in person! A long time member of the Thriving Artist Circle online and a huge fan of her approach to marketing, I was totally starstruck!

Dallas Travers
Ain't she adorbs?!

If you want to learn more about this incredible lady, check out the Thriving Artist Circle!

I also got to see my friend’s too-cute-for-words daughter in Peter Pan and was reminded of how wonderful it is to get to be on stage at a young age and explore a character. “That’s right, Peter! We’ll never grow up!”

Thank You

It’s finally here! The new website has launched (welcome!) and there are a couple people who need thanks. Omid Mousaei at Mad Mind Studios was the creative force and genius behind the design and implementation. His hard work and flexibility are admirable.

Jack Waterlot took the gorgeous photos that helped guide the look and feel of the site. Shooting with him was an incredible pleasure and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity.

Dana Patrick was the brilliant photographer who took my headshots, which are propelling me into casting offices at an almost alarming rate. She’s also incredibly charming to boot. Thank you all you awesome artists for all of your contributions to the site!